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Welcome to Zeynep Sultan

The cradle of civilization... Turkey...

From Hitites to Urartus, Phrygians to Lycians, from Romans to Seljuks. They all lived here.

A city that gave birth to and fostered three glorious empires. The East Roman empire, the Byzantine empire and the Ottoman empire. Once the capital city of these empires, Istanbul is still alive and breathing a mystical blend of air, weary of the contemporary urbanization and cultural clashes.

Right in the heart of this city, where the walls, the narrow streets and cobblestones whisper and permeate a supersaturated history, lies a small hotel with its friendly atmosphere.

Zeynep Sultan Hotel is where you will blend a magical potion from a Roman hippodrome, an Egyptian obelisque, a Byzantine Church and an Ottoman Grand Bazaar. And maybe you will top it with the Blue Mosque or the Topkapi Palace.

The ruins of the city walls, the Golden Horn - the tulip gardens of the Topkapi Palace -, The Dolmabahce and the Yildiz Palaces, the Bosphorus are all just walking distances.

Come and join a breathtaking tour in the magnificent past of this glorious city and each day recover from your dizziness in the friendly ambiance of Zeynep Sultan Hotel.

Location Zeynep Sultan hotel is located in one of the oldest and most colourful quarters of Istanbul in the old historical peninsula. Whether you are in Istanbul for business or leisure, You will also be having a great access for all significant points in the heart of the city, in this historical peninsula, Sultanahmet.
Lobby From the point you enter into the Lobby of Zeynep Sultan hotel, you will begin to feel the sincere service attitude with a professional manner. Be sure your stay will be perfect. The panoramic open air terrace operates during summer and faces to Gulhane Park and Hagia Sophia. Dinner and drinks are available.
Rooms Zeynep Sultan Hotel has 22 rooms attractively decorated and furnished with very comfortable mattress, a private unique designed bathroom with exclusive amenities and hair dryer,towel with relaxing rain shower. Many of them overlooking the old city district of Sultanahmet, a few rooms with teras garden view .